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Hey fam, just a quick reminder to please include contact info with your submissions. This is a vital step, particularly if you are submitting anon as there is literally no way to correct this. Also, I do not accept ad submissions via dm. Hello ladies, gents and fellow rpers. I will not accept anyone younger than 18 since I myself am in my early twenties. Underaged characters are also a no go as well. I will not double and I do not play multiple characters.

Please remember that alien simply means a creature not from earth. Aliens can have fur, scales, feathers, etc, depending on where they come from. This is fiction, not reality. Please also do not control my characters or dictate their actions. I also do not care if you make a character up on the spot. The galactica was a first class explorer ship led by only the greatest of military leaders and alliance figures. To be the leader at the helm of the ship was considered the greatest honour and duty one could ever have befall them.

Not everyone is content with having the responsibility of an entire fleet on their shoulders nor are the first few days, months or even years of being captain easy. As a wise man once said, one must be a follower before they could become a leader. When disaster strikes, will the remaining crew members be able to accept their new dynamic, or will it all fall to chaos? Sadly, not everyone seems to be happy about the two main planets of power coming together as one and an unknown party has sought to stop it.

Important point of notice: I do not mind who plays what. Men, women, aliens, humans and all of those who were in between went there to study, train and, one day if they passed the mentally, emotionally and physically gruelling years of tests, fly and be put in their own squadron.

There were approximately six spots to fill on any team and the cadet who suited that spot the most would be given the title of pilot, squad leader, second in command, engineer, gunner and navigator. Each team was similar but unique in what they did. Not everyone gets along though and rivalries grow high during that delicate time between graduating and being put on a team. What happens when the top student and the lonesome outcast with a temper clashes? Everyone at the space academy remembers graduation day. Everyone also remembers the few days after the big Moment as well. Some things are easier said than done though, especially when trouble finds ways to manifest in forms that many would not suspect to be of any cause for concern.

Important point of notice: I will be playing the newly graduated commander of a small crew. You are free to play as either a crew member of any rank or even a trouble making character like a criminal or something similar that gives my character a run for their money. Possibilities are endless. The life of a Royal was simple yet complex at the same time.

They were weighed on hand and foot and never had to lift a finger to do anything provided there was a maid or servant nearby willing to do whatever task it was the royal had for them. They were expected to grow into decent, respectable leaders who could ruler a planet fairly without struggle. All but one it seems. War was a terrible thing that brought nations to their knees and saw many people lose their lives and freedom. Sadly, it does not seem to be the case for everyone.

A stranger from a planet so far away that many do not believe it to exist turns up on the doorstep of an alien who is forced to realise that war could very well be just around the corner once more. Only bad choices. That means every order has to be obeyed and every rule must be followed or consequences will be dealt by force. As time passes and life go ons, the captured spacer starts to see his predicament in a different light. Important point of notice: I will be playing the captured spacer. You will be playing the captain. Whilst the two races have put aside enough of their differences to coexist in their own little pockets of space, not everyone is accepting of the idea that the two different species could live together as one, let alone ever simply just coexist peacefully together without insisting that alien planets and human planets are to be kept seperate.

To trespass on the strictly human or alien occupied planets is a crime that few dare to commit. What starts out as a simple act of one sided rebellion and show of courage turns into an unanticipated adventure. Important point of notice, I shall be playing the alien. Many bounties were more profitable alive of course since it cut back on many of the legal troubles one could face if caught with a dead body.

Wanted role play partner

A galaxy renowned bounty hunter has been tasked with taking down one of the roughest and most wanted criminals known to man and alien with the orders to return them dead or alive. Will they succeed or fail like many before them have? Important point of notice: I shall be playing the criminal. You shall be playing the bounty hunter. Whether you were an alien, human or a hybrid did not matter in the known galaxies. All that mattered was who you were. Not everyone took to the integration very well there were numerous protests on both sides but most people were willing to share in the hopes of peace.

Not everyone had good intentions though……. The kingdom of insert generic kingdom name here was ruled by a king and a queen whose heir was betrothed to a rival planet in the hopes that a political marriage would prevent another war from happening. Only problem was that no one could see the rival planets true plans…. Unfortunately no ones going to listen to a deranged commoner who probably may not even be telling the truth. The wind howled as thunder crashed and shrieked all around the abandoned cargo ship.

Rain pelted the metal hull, turning the ground into a cold, treacherously slippery and muddy shallow river. The ship itself had crashed into the planet countless centuries ago and was slowly being reclaimed by the environment. Plants grew from cracks in the floor as moss and vines decorated the walls. A figure sat miserably hunched in what was once the cockpit of the ship, their only shelter from the raging elements outside but not from the storm that raged inside of them.

The figure leapt to their feet as the sounds of footsteps in the mud drew closer and they held their breath. Who would dare to venture out here on such a miserable night? There was too much fear, Too much misinformation and too much bias on both sides for such a thing to have ever been successful.

It was the humans fault that the war had started. Two races. Two worlds so different yet the same fighting one another for what was either a mistake or intentional murder. The UGWP alliance unite the galaxies for the protection of all worlds and for peace alliance portrayed themselves as calm, charismatic and kind men and women who held only the thoughts of a life together with all species living happily together. Their rehabilitation program for troublesome fellows was considered to be a god send to try and cut down on the amount of space related crimes.

No one ever questioned what went on beyond the closed doors to the facility, if they did, the UGWP would have their darkest secrets revealed. Something they strove to keep under wraps.

Wanted role play partner

When the arrival of a particularly wild prisoner occurs, the threat of their first failure and first escaped prisoner is lurking around the corner. Space criminals have been around ever since advanced technology allowed others to travel and live in space as if they were living anywhere else.

Wanted role play partner

It takes skill to be on the wrong side of space law and true talent to get away with it. Will he beg for mercy? Will he be given a trial before being thrown into a cell to rot or will he be given a chance to turn himself around with some hard labour? You will be the alliance captain. Galaxies trembled at your name. You and your crew swam in wealth and the going was good. Mutiny, sadly and sometimes not sadly, exists on its own accord. One man reflected on this as he was forced to his feet.

A collar attached to a chain and electromagnetic handcuffs prevented his escape as he stood for all those who cared to glance as they walked by in the market to see. Arranged marriages, or betrothals as they were more often called, consisted of pairing two people together and making them get married in order to secure ties to another land or another planet.

Wanted role play partner

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