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Posted January 17, And you know the Red Indians actually rolled out the red carpet for the anglos when they first arrived and saved them from starving to death. In return they got genocided. Here are some extracts from a book written by a Native American about the British genocide there.

He uses anglo sources to show what they did.

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It demonstrates the disgusting mindset of the British that was common until the fall of the Empire and which still exists in the minds of some people in the UK. The correspondence of some of the British while they were in India contains the same sort of rank racism. In fact, I recall reading back in school that it was common practice to bribe Indian prison guards to release Indian prisoners, place a corpse of a recently expired Indian in their place and then claiming that the prisoner had died during the night.

The British in charge were none the wiser because they did not have the ability to distinguish one Indian from another. TSingh Ji, so sorry you do ot have more time, would be an amazing discussion to learn Nirmala perspective. Yes, there is Advait in Sikhi, based on Upanishadic teachings, which I was using quite a few Upanishadic references to illustrate. You are correct, this view is not on par with Goswami or Gaudiya Vaishnav as well. However, from what I understand of this series of debates between Swami Shanchayrachara and his purely Advaitist views, the Vaishnavs refer to as Mayavaadi, it was actually Mahaprabhu Caitanya who took the middle path saying there was neither a purely Advaita nor a purely Dvaita truth, rather there was a union of both ideas.

To the Vaishnav bhaktas this was abhorrent because they taught mukti was based on bhakti. The perspective of Dvaita was praise of a God independent of His creation. We do in fact also see those teachings in Sikhism. Sikhism, quite independently of Vaishnav Sampradayas incorporated the Advaitic wisdom of the Upanishadic teachings of merging through self-realization with the Divine. Achintya-Bheda-abheda, while originally postulated from the Vaishnava school is a qualified dualism and a qualified non-dualism. This position teaches that God is at once independent from His creation as well as manifest within it.

And I believe this is the teaching illustrated in Gurbani. We are bhaktas, devotee's, soul-brides of a Divine Beloved whom we also call Gopala, Govinda, Antarjami.

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This cannot be other than originating from a Goswami perspective. Nonetheless, the unity principle of Advaitic Oneness persists as a teaching. And this is why it can never be said in Sikhi that the God is separate from His creation, as would be a purely Goswami Dvaitic conception and veering closer to a pure monothesim of Abrahamic religions.

The theism of the Eka is qualified, in that the infinity is incorporated into the Oneness.

Sexy chatroom in Banianda

Because the God would not be accepted as other than your inner True Self. I would recommend Tirath Singh Nirmala's book Vivek Pradipika which does a great job explaining Gurmat Sidhant and how it differs from Vedantic schools like vishistadvaita and also how Gurmat Sidhant is in line with advaitvaad. I found it very useful in that respect, and I feel you would too since you obviously have a desire to gain this philosophical understanding of Gurmat. I think it was faster than that, but never mind.

Even today, at Sant Ji's asthaan in Hapur, there are savadars who do Jap Ji Sahibs every night, then seva all day long. Mahapursh explained to me that it's done 'surti-duara'. The surti is incredibly fast, but needs to be brought under control.

Think about how fast you can picture anything in your mind How does one obtain this ability? Is it simply a matter of building up the of Jap Ji Sahibs one does daily? Do these sevadars jump right into doing Jap Jis every day? From personal experience of doing the 10 Jap Ji Sahibs per day for 40 days that Sant Jagjit Singh Harkhowale sometimes recommends, my concentration improved dramatically nothing like you are describing, though but swiftly dropped down to base level again when the 40 days were over and I went back to my usual routine.

If you have sharda, it works fine. If you are not meant to succeed in any of these sadhanas, then you will not be able to complete them. It is worth attempting them just to experience how real the power of maya in Kaljug is even if maya does not allow you to get the phal of these bania. Posted January 15, How did they accomplish this and do the other things that they did? Did they sit in asana and recite all in one go, or did they recite them in parts? I have heard the claim that they were able to do this jaap while walking, talking, fighting jungs, because they had trained their minds to "resonate" with this bani automatically or because they only slept a few hours a day.

I estimate it would take me about This is where your mistake lies. The rest of your post was very nicely put and a wonderful description of why Gurbani uplifts women and men both without turning into some political feminist debate, but you could have done it without the inessential quotes which would have halved the length of your post and made it more accessible. The fact that the One permeates and is the creation does not mean that a part is equivalent to the whole - Devi is no more Bhagvan than a leaf is Akal. Harjas Kaur Ji. Waheguru jeo, i have been lurking on this forum for Waheguru knows how long!

I dont feel myself worthy enough to participate in most of the intellectual discussions that happen here, but fer v pray that Guruji metho seva lende rehan!

Sexy chatroom in Banianda

Thank you jeo. I hope you will share your seva here with us moorakhs also. Our emphasis as a soorbir shastardhari panth should be to get stronger, faster, gain endurance and to learn as much about shastar vidiya as we are able.

I don't think that this should be something we do when we are not doing bhagti - the two go hand-in-hand for us. Also, by shastar vidiya, I mean everything from learning H2H combat and the use of puratan shastars to more modern weapons and battle strategy. Our ancestors made use of the best and most functional weapons and arts of their day and were not afraid to change things or innovate when the circumstances demanded it. We should endeavour to do the same and not get stuck in the mindset of attempting to use 18th century shastars and think that is all we need.

I don't think that should have any impact on the kind of exercise you engage in. You can use a bodybuilders routine, if you want, to improve your body-image and your confidence, because confidence is also a useful skill on the battlefield and also in the battlefield of everyday life - as long as you make serious efforts to gain strength of mind and body also. After a couple of nasty injuries, my workout routine is pretty lame so I'm not gonna post it up out of pure embarrassment.

The wonderful Singh known as pjs on SikhSangat. For anyone who wants to donate money to Bhai Sukhwinder Singh's family, the Khalsa Aid peeps are making arrangements:. The Khalsa Aid team feel great regret and remorse at the passing of this young Gursikh, but also pride by his actions. We also feel a responsibility to act to acknowledge his actions and remedy the effects on his family. We have received numerous calls from our donors request We are also honoured to have been contacted by Gurughars across the country, nominating us as a trusted UK registered charity to conduct a collection on their behalf.

Sexy chatroom in Banianda

We can now openly appeal for donations to contribute towards a fund for his immediate family wife and only child in Punjab, India. We recommend donations by Cheque or PayPal, and will be publishing on our website, FaceBook and Internet forums a list of all the donations initials of the donor and amount for maximum transparency. For donations by Bank Transfer please drop us an afterwards giving us the details of how much you donated so you can be added to the list.

All details including bank details, e-mail addresses and phone s can be found:. Khalsa aid volunteers already scheduled to go to Punjab next month oversee and expand our existing projects in Punjab will personally hand deliver the collection to the family. A myth?! If its a 'myth' why would Guru Maharaj trace his own suryavanshi lineage through the 'myth' that forms a major part of the Bhagvat Purana?! I've come across your type of argument about chaubis avatar before, which seriously ignores the fact that Bachitar Natak is NOT based on any puranic material! Surely what Sri Guru Maharaj is saying of himself cannot be thought of as a 'myth'??

Now if we take your 'myth' argument further it makes the devtas and avatars 'myths' also. Did the events that are mentioned in gurbani take place or are they 'myths'? Did Bhagvan not manifest as Narsingh? All of this is the content of the Bhagavat Purana.

I think you may have misunderstood.

Sexy chatroom in Banianda

The myth I was talking about call it a legend, if you like is the story of Devi pargat told in some of our historical granths. Posted January 14, It is actually an Abrahamic philosophical interpolation which posits "futility" with worship of the Divine as a lesser form or mere creation. And I will show you what I mean. A nice neat theory, except that there are countless exmaples on Sri Guru Granth Sahib and Sri Dasam Granth Sahib describing the futility of the various methods of worship, meditation and penance that were prevalent in that age.

We don't condemn the physical vak of the shabad, kirtan and NAAM. We have never condemned or discredited the physical embodiment of the Guru's living forms. Yet everyone seems to be having an issue with Devi. No one here has an issue with the Devi, as you put it. We are simply discussing Gurbani, and it is Gurbani that dismisses the worship of Devi you can insert the name of any Devata here as a means to obtain mukti.

Devi's roop is symbolic. It contains truth on more than one level of perception. To belittle and discredit Devi's roop and purpose is to discredit the God you can't perceive by invalidating the concepts which make that incomprehensible power of the nirguna physical and literal for our benefit. Moreover it discredits the incredible brahmgyaan of Guru Sahib who used Devi's roop to teach spiritual concepts about the Divine, Divine Justice, and kurbani to the Khalsa. If Guruji used Devi to explain aspects of the Divinity, who are we to throw out those concepts and invalidate them as useless to us nowadays?

Who is throwing out these concepts? There are many of us here who recite Chandi bania daily. Do you? Those of us who read them are more than capable of accepting the message of the bania without confusing the Devi as some form of Akal that requires worship rather than simple respect for her role and how good she is at performing the function ased to her by Akal. The issue with people who have not studied Vedanta is that they don't understand the philosophical concepts and get stuck in something like "greater than" and "lesser than. It appears pretty clear from this thread that the problem is that people who have studied Vedanta are not capable of seeing where Gurbani differs from this teaching in many respects.

God is simply beyond petty egotism of who is dusting His floors and beneath His feet and who is His very own Divine Beloved Oneness. Only concepts such as who is greater and who is lesser occupy the mentalities of judgmental manmukhs whose thoughts are themselves very often far from the God's praise.

Sexy chatroom in Banianda

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