Sex in my office at work

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We're both in our scrubs and find an empty dictation room in the hospital. I have you bent over the table fucking you in the ass when someone walks in because we never locked the do You better not leave before you drain your balls in my mouth! My thumbs scramble to write her back quickly.

I am Amit, originally from India, and living in the US for more than a decade. This story took place when I lived in Chicago and I was working as an IT contractor for a local company. Being in IT, I always come across many fellow Indian coworkers. Her knees parted, raising the skirt and showin The ad seemed simple enough. Full-time work in a professional atmosphere. I knew my hot and gorgeous and sexy Turkish boyfriend, Mehmet, was working twenty-four hours at the paramedic station in Antalya, Turkey, so one night when I was sure he was alone I went to see him.

I wore a short black mini dress that shaped my petite The sibilance in her voice echoes around the underground office car park as she furtively glances over the row of vehicles either side of her black Lexus. Lean in close I don't know why I am so lucky with women named Susan coming to my door and begging for sex. It just seems to happen.

Sex in my office at work

I've already written about Susan J and Susan M. This time, the willing participant was Susan McG. And the night we had together was She pulled me into a stairwell, and we quickly went down one level. We moved purposefully without looking like we were in a hurry as we moved t Shit, this was happening. They were never going to make it to a bed.

Watching him lock the door, Laura was already unbuttoning her dress, knowing that would be the first thing the boss would demand. Among the many items of waste in this storage space, there were convenient broken chairs, scratched tables, a split armcha Reina spent the better part of two weeks developing her plan for an office daycare.

Sex in my office at work

It was the only way Chad would agree to her returning to work after the baby was born. Even then, she had agreed to stay home for twelve weeks after giving birth before As the alarm woke up Ashley Mendes from her deep slumber, She looked at the clock. It did not take long to get dressed. Breakfast is ready!

Washing the muck and grime from my hands, I was feeling pretty good about myself.

Sex in my office at work

A man had brought a car into the garage, saying his gearbox had gone to the shitter and he could get only two of the five gears. Having been given the job by my boss, I would like to say that I got a lot of sleep, but I tossed and turned for most of the night. Sure, most men would love to be the sex toy for two women, especially two attractive women, but it was a reality for me. Most of my thoughts dwelled on Rachel for Free!

Write Your Own Story. Filter Genres. Doctor's Orders A horny nurse and doctor imagine getting caught fucking and assplaying in the dictatation room. What If We Get caught? The tension at work has been high for weeks. Jessica sends me a text, begging for my cum. My Gorgeous Indian Coworker Coworkers became passionate sex partners. Completing Her Education A grateful student wants to thank her professor. First Impressions Rachel was nervous enough going into the job interview, and then she met the secretary. The Office Strip Tease Adventure I straddled either side of Mehmet's waist and gasped when his hard dick was inside me.

All Work And Play Cheating colleagues embark upon some risky behaviour straight after work. Susan 3 rang my doorbell - and we had a wild night together A third different Susan at my door - with the same outcome as the other two: hard, loud, sex. Drops of Glitter "Outside of work, don't call me Boss". Boss's Time Young woman surrenders to boss's demands. Ashley's Slutty Dilemma Ashley's affairs begin to get around the firm The Breakdown Appearances can certainly be deceiving.

Sex in my office at work

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NSFW! People who've had sex at work share their most scandalous stories