Mexico matamoros strip clubs

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We spent a day in Matamoros and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The ramp has a parking attendant and security guard on duty, so your vehicle is safe. Around the block we caught a bus. They're free, but do accept tips. When our driver dropped us off, he asked what time he should pick us up and showed us where to meet him. We tipped him and went into the market. My understanding that it covers 3 blocks, but we only made it through 1 block.

The shops are cleaner, and the merchandise higher quality than in Progresso. We went from shop to shop and enjoyed haggling with the salespeople. After 2 hours, we were tired and all "shopped out". There is a large plaza where they were setting up for a "fiesta" with live music, food and drinks. We regretted having to miss it, but caught our bus and returned to Garcia's, where we had a delicious and very reasonably priced meal. The parking attendant helped us cut into the long line of cars in line to cross the border to Texas.

I would prefer to return to Matamoros rather than going to Progresso. Matamoros, Mexico is the "sister city" of Brownsville, Texas on the southernmost tip of Texas. The area is beautiful, tropical and humid. Crossing into Mexico is easy and only a matter of cents if you pump your coins into the turnstile on the American side and walk across. It is not as "Americanized" as Progreso, Mexico which is just across the border 30 miles away and a huge mecca for tourists taking advantage of the incredible bargains.

Progreso has better deals as far as proximity to the bridge everything is on the strip and medicine, dentists, liquor and gifts may be had for a fraction of the price found in the United States. You will find more American citizens than Mexican in Progreso, Mexico because they know how great the deals are there. If you are planning a trip into Matamoros, it is best to bring a friend, preferably one who speaks Spanish. In Mexico, they can spot a "gringo" fair-skinned person right away and their prices will immediately go up in their minds when they see you.

Do not fall for it. This is where the art of haggling comes into play. You will see; bargain with the vendors for a while, begin to walk away and you will see how fast the prices drop. Be calm while haggling. Do not raise your voice or make many arm and hand movements.

Mexico matamoros strip clubs

There are three ways to get to the market in central Matamoros: drive driving is very dangerous in Mexicotake a "pesera" a public van that speeds, is sometimes very crowded and an olfactory experience, or you can take a taxicab. Be careful here, they will gouge American tourists for all they can so do not pay more than 5 dollars for a trip to the "marqueta. You do not want ANY involvement with Mexican police. In America, you are innocent until proven guilty. In Mexico, it is the opposite. The market is wonderful. You will find spices, guitars, jewelry, hand-embroidered dresses, ponchos, and sarapes.

There are liquor stores, formal wear stores and leather goods stores with prices on boots, belts and purses that will astound you. The restaurants there are good and some have live music, "mariachis" that sing while you eat. A tip is expected after they play at your table. Do not drink to much as that is asking for trouble.

Make sure you read the limits on what you can bring back to the states as customs officers will smash your bottles of liquor that exceed your limit right before your very eyes. It is a sad sight. The only avocados you may bring back are those that have been pitted. Beware of medicinal limits as well. Do not bring a level that exceeds the legal limit back into the States or you could get into trouble. Make sure that you claim everything that you are bringing back at the bridge.

You must have ID now and a passport. Make sure that you are not inebriated when you come back, as many Spring Breakers will discover. It is best to eat something before crossing the bridge back into the US. The "strip" in Matamoros is the street that the bridge is on and it is flanked on both sides with bars and clubs begging for your American dollars. Ten dollars can get you into an all-you-can-drink special that packs them in on Friday and Saturday nights.

Many, many pre-teens and teenagers can be found in the clubs imbibing spirits because it is illegal to do so in the United States. Beware of pickpockets both in the clubs and outside, waiting for clients who have lost their stability and good judgement. Do not put your faith into the police as they themselves are known for taking Americans' money before letting them go.

The jails in Matamoros are nothing like American jails and you do not want to put yourself into that kind of horrible situation.

Mexico matamoros strip clubs

The best thing to do to ensure a good time in Matamoros is to go with a group of friends, stay together, party responsibly and keep your wits with you, especially on Spring Break. Do not leave the 'strip'. Do not go up to a policeman inebriated. Do not wave money or valuables around. The best thing you can do to ensure a good trip into Mexico is to know the laws and make sure you follow them so that you can get safely back.

The deals are definately worth it and if you can appreciate good food, music, shopping and bargains, you are sure to have a good time. Found a place to park, and then walked over the border. It was a fun day to walk around the marketplace and barter. Not something I'd want to do every day, but fun for something different.

They try to tell you the gold necklaces, bracelets, etc. Lots of people on the streets begging. We ignored them. Overall we felt safe. Went to Matamoros on a day trip during our vacation to South Padre Island.

Mexico matamoros strip clubs

Found it to be a waste of time. Vendors and cab drivers began harassing us at the border. We went to Garcia's the best store in Matamoros. Clean, excellent selection, great prices. We should never have gone any further but we decided to walk to the market to check out other souvenir shops. On the way there we spotted the tourist information center and stopped to ask directions. Inside the man running the booth offered to walk with us to the market.

He said that there was no charge for helping us but mentioned that they do accept tips. On our walk to the market we weaved through the streets as the man pointed out every building made of cinder blocks. Once we arrived at the market he insisted on taking us to the shops of his "brothers" and "cousins". The men operating these stores harassed us and hassled us to buy items. We didnt see much of anything we wanted.

Mexico matamoros strip clubs

When my husband decided to buy a souvenir t-shirt we learned that Mexican Pesos were not accepted the shops only accepted American Dollars! After we wasted an hour at the market we decided to leave. At that time the tourist information man led us a shorter way back. The streets and open lots were dirty and filled with garbage. I apologized and thanked him for his help and left.

Matamoros was the lowest point of our vacation. Infact it is the worst place I have ever been in. I have traveled the world and been to over 6 different countries. Never in my life have I been to a place as awful as this. Review of Matamoros. Things to Do. Map updates are paused. Zoom in to see updated info. Updating Map Reviewed January 27, Ask NancyMinneapolis about Matamoros.

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Mexico matamoros strip clubs

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