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We may earn a commission through products purchased using links on this. Learn more about our process here. Data shows that more than million U. Finding the right mattress to share with a partner is critical for enabling high-quality sleep. However, identifying a mattress that suits the comfort preferences and support needs of both sleepers can pose a of challenges.

The best mattresses for couples should also isolate motion to reduce sleep disturbances, produce little to no noise, and be conducive for sexual activity. Our testing team includes people with varying body types, sleep positions, and firmness preferences, which allows us to make mattress recommendations for a wide range of individuals.

The mattresses listed below stood out during our tests, particularly in performance areas like motion isolation, noise, and responsiveness for sex. Each mattress has earned a unique accolade based on one of its major strengths. This guide includes an overview of mattress types and their average price-points, key considerations for couples, and information about shipping options, sleep trials, and warranty coverage.

Some couples are ready to leap headfirst into the future, seeking out a mattress that employs the newest mattress materials. The dynamic performance of the GravityLux comes largely from AirCell foam, which is produced with thousands of microscopic air pockets. This makes AirCell foam a compelling choice for people who like the feel of memory foam but worry about sleeping hot. In the comfort system of the GravityLux, one layer of gel-infused polyfoam that is 2 inches thick and quilted in the cover sits above the AirCell foam.

Underneath the AirCell layer is a zoned polyfoam that offers reinforcement under the heaviest parts of the body like the shoulders and hips. Both temperature regulation and ease of movement are a strength relative to traditional memory foam. Couples can choose between versions of the GravityLux that have a soft, medium, or firm feel.

Most customers prefer the medium, but stomach and back sleepers may be better served by the firm. People under pounds can receive better contouring from the soft model. The GravityLux comes with a night sleep trial to test it out, and WinkBeds, a proven player in online mattresses, offers a lifetime warranty covering defects in materials and manufacturing. The feel of the Nectar mattress strikes a balance that is extremely compelling for couples.

Its thick comfort system with memory foam provides motion isolation without sagging or sinking into the bed. Pressure relief and motion isolation are strengths of the Nectar. Its top layer is 1 inch of gel-infused memory foam that is quilted into a breathable Tencel cover. The second layer of gel-infused memory foam measures 3 inches thick, while a final 1.

The nearly 5 inches of memory foam deliver spinal support even to people with very sharp pressure points and who weigh over pounds. This firmness level has broad appeal but is especially well-suited for side sleepers. The more moderate contouring means the mattress retains less heat and poses fewer barriers to sexual activity than traditional memory foam. The balanced feel of the Nectar and its ability to offer both support and motion isolation makes it an intriguing option for couples.

Its value is enhanced by its price-point that comes in far lower than many other memory foam beds. Nectar provides a lifetime warranty as well as a one-year sleep trial. Helix is known for its lineup of mattresses that cater to a wide array of sleep preferences and body types. The Helix Dusk Luxe is the upgraded version of the Helix Dusk, with additional features that include zoned coil support, a quilted pillow-top, and a higher profile. The Helix Dusk Luxe has a medium firm 6 feel and features a comfort layer made of Helix Dynamic Foam, a polyfoam that contours to the body but is also deed to feel a bit like latex.

Next is a layer of cradling memory foam, followed by a denser layer of polyfoam that prevents excessive sinkage. Beneath the foam layers is a zoned coil system that provides strong lumbar support and extra reinforcement along the perimeter. The quilted pillow-top creates a plush surface.

Because of its medium firm feel and strong balance of contouring and support, the Helix Dusk Luxe is a good fit for side and back sleepers weighing less than pounds. These sleep positions often require a bed that cushions areas prone to pressure points such as the hips, shoulders, and lumbar area. These types of sleepers also need ample support, which the Helix Dusk Luxe provides thanks to its zoned coils. Helix provides free shipping throughout the U. The mattress comes with a night sleep trial as well as a year warranty.

Note that the non-Luxe model of the Helix Dusk only includes a year warranty.

Married want real sex Casper

The bet paid off with a robust, high-performance mattress with a balanced feel that fits well with the needs of most couples. The top two layers of the Mint are made with Adaptive Foam, a specialty polyfoam infused with graphite and gel. It has enough contouring to promote spinal alignment and isolate motion, but it resists heat buildup and excess sink. With a total of 5 inches of Adaptive Foam, the Mint can accommodate sleepers of almost any body weight. The fact that the material is well-balanced in feel makes it a good middle ground for couples that have diverging preferences.

Its responsiveness is sufficient to make moving on the mattress easy, avoiding the barrier to intimate activity that can arise on some foam beds. The support core is 7 inches of high-density polyfoam, and the cover is made with a breathable mix of polyester and micro-polyamide, embedded with an anitmicrobial protectant. The Nolah Original is a inch all-foam mattress with a medium feel. It is constructed with a comfort layer of Adaptive AirFoam, which is a proprietary polyfoam that is unique to Nolah. This material feels somewhat responsive but also conforms closely to the contours of your body.

This allows it to provide very good pressure relief and keep your body on an even plane. However, this effect is more pronounced for sleepers who weigh less than pounds, as individuals above this weight range will likely sink further into the mattress, which compresses the foam and allows for more heat buildup.

Married want real sex Casper

Beneath the comfort layer lies a transitional layer of high-resilience polyfoam, followed by a high-density polyfoam support core. Nolah ships the mattress for free within the contiguous U. The Nolah Original is backed by a year warranty. The Layla Hybrid is a flippable mattress that stands out for its use of copper-infused memory foam. The bed also uses polyfoam that is deed with deep channels to enhance air circulation.

With its flippable de, the Layla Hybrid features a different firmness level on each side. You can choose between soft 4 or firm 7and switch back and forth if you find your needs change over time. The soft side begins with 2. The firm side begins with a thinner comfort layer containing 1 inch of copper-infused memory foam, followed by 1. In between the comfort layers is a shared, 6-inch support core of pocketed coils. Because of its two firmness options, the Layla Hybrid is compatible with a range of sleep preferences.

Most side sleepers prefer the soft side, whereas the firm side provides better lumbar support for back and stomach sleepers. The firm side is also a good fit for all sleepers weighing pounds and over, regardless of sleep position. The foam surface offers excellent motion isolation and the perimeter is reinforced with higher-gauge coils to provide good edge support.

As with most hybrid mattresses, the Layla Hybrid also has a resilient feel that facilitates ease of movement on top of the mattress. Customers are granted a night sleep trial and a year warranty. The Layla Hybrid ships for free within the contiguous U. The Titan Luxe Hybrid from Brooklyn Bedding is a mattress specifically engineered to support sleepers in heavier weight.

It is similar in construction to the Titan Firm Hybrid, but features a softer surface and thicker height that broaden its appeal to people with different body types and sleep preferences. The mattress has a medium firm 6 feel and begins with a layer of memory foam quilted into the cover, providing a close contour to the body.

This is followed by two more layers of foam that offer moderate contouring with firmer support. Beneath is an 8-inch pocketed coil system with above-average durability. Comparison shoppers should note that the coil layer is thicker than that of the Titan Firm, providing ample support despite having a softer surface.

Married want real sex Casper

Overall, the strong balance of support and pressure relief makes this bed a good fit for side and back sleepers who weigh at least pounds. An optional cooling panel is available for sleepers who tend to overheat at night. The panel is sewn into the top of the bed and infused with phase change material, which helps dissipate body heat and maintain temperature neutrality. The coil construction also allows air to circulate within the bed to keep the bed cool even without the optional panel.

Brooklyn Bedding offers free shipping within the contiguous U. The mattress comes with a year warranty and night sleep trial, with a night break-in period required. The Birch Mattress is an organic model with certifications to back up its eco-friendly claims. The hybrid bed has a medium firm 6 feel with a construction that is both responsive and supportive. The bed has a breathable cover made of cotton with organic certification from the GOTS, followed by a layer of wool and rayon that acts as the fire barrier. Beneath are a plush layer of wool batting and a layer of Talalay latex, the latter of which is certified by the Eco-Institut to ensure that the latex has been tested for VOCs and other harmful compounds.

The support core contains pocketed coils that reduce motion transfer, with thicker coils along the perimeter to boost edge support. The Birch is an excellent fit for side sleepers, who typically require a bed that cushions the shoulders and hips while offering enough firmness to support the lower back. As with many hybrid models, the bed is also a good fit for sleepers who are looking for a cooler mattress. The coil system allows air to flow through the mattress interior, and the latex is ventilated with tiny holes to further enable air circulation. Birch provides free shipping to all 50 states.

The mattress comes with a night sleep trial and year warranty.

Married want real sex Casper

For couples, a diamond most often refers to a ring, but it can describe a mattress as well. The Diamond Intention is a hybrid mattress that delivers plenty of bounce for couples without losing its ability to relieve pressure and cut down on motion transfer. The cover of the Diamond Intention is made with a breathable CoolTouch material that has 1.

This gives the mattress an inviting, luxurious feel.

Married want real sex Casper

Beneath the cover is 1. For the support core, the Diamond Intention has a thick layer of pocketed innerspring coils that contribute ificant bounce. This ease of movement on the mattress is ideal for couples with an active sex life. While the springs provide responsiveness, they do so without transferring ificant motion. Couples have their pick of a soft, medium, and firm option, with the Soft being especially plush. Though not as well-known as some other brands, Diamond has an extensive history in the industry that dates to This highly regarded company backs the Intention hybrid with a lifetime warranty, and they allow customers to try out the mattress for nights as part of a risk-free sleep trial.

If you sleep with a partner, then you understand the importance of choosing a mattress that suits both of your needs. Our expert team has personally evaluated hundreds of mattresses. Our testing methodology incorporates many factors that are relevant to couples, such as motion isolation, noise, temperature control, and responsiveness for sex.

This comprehensive testing process allows us to examine various facets of each mattress. The picks listed above all earned exemplary ratings during our evaluations for couple-friendly mattresses. Many of our tests involve one person sitting or lying down on mattresses.

Married want real sex Casper

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