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To make changes or proceed to payment. Find a volunteer activity that you're interested in, to use the skills you have, right here in Singapore. All proceeds will go towards helping discover new ways to detect, diagnose and develop future treatments for eye diseases. It will also help train healthcare professionals to meet the ever-evolving needs of the patients. In the face of Covid and its challenges, our patients and their caregivers have shown incredible strength and resilience. Inspired by them, we will continue to strive for excellence in eye care and research, placing 'Patients.

At the Heart of All We Do. us in supporting VisionSave. The donation that you contribute today, will lead to a better eye treatment tomorrow. Every year, we all look forward to a special occasion. For some it could be a birthday, for others, a festive season such as Christmas. While we all celebrate these special occasions in our own ways, many also choose to give and share with others who need a little bit more help.

At Canossaville Children and Community Services, our programmes and services are open to our children and their families all year round, with priority given to those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Education is at the core of what we do and our Canossian Circle of Care provides the supporting structure to children through a preschool, after-school care as well as development unit.

This can only be made possible with the support of donors like yourself. We advocate for sustainable giving all year round to support all our programmes and services. In reality, donors tend to only donate at the end of the year during the season of giving. We acknowledge this and humbly seek your kind support for us to build up enough donations to sustain our programmes and services through the year. Thank you for not forgetting us during this season of giving. Your special thoughts warm the hearts of our children and their families under our care. This newest challenge is for the vital purpose of saving sight, and lending a helping hand to eye research and education for blindness prevention!

I've ed up for this event to play a small part in this important cause, and it's kicking off soon, from 1 October to 30 November. I'm Ho Ching Lin, and I am motivated to take on this challenge - I'm a Senior Consultant ophthalmologist, as well as a clinician researcher and educator. I specialise in glaucoma, the leading cause of irreversible blindness worldwide and one of the top eye diseases linked to ageing.

Looking to give a little help

I treat both adults and children with this disease, so I am committed to beating this 'silent thief of sight'! Help me reach my donation goal and the fight against blindness today! We all know someone who has experienced sexual violence-or else we are that someone. Every week, new incidents of sexual assault, workplace harassment or voyeurism are reported. It's sad, disturbing, frustrating. We address the issue on many fronts - both attending to assault's aftermath, and proactively nipping it in the bud - because that's what it will take to effectively end it.

We receive some institutional funding, but it's not enough for us to keep up with the many survivors coming forward to receive trauma-informed support - Empower members of the public to sensitively educate their children and support each other. All donations will be matched by the Tote Board and government. The above impact statements are for illustrative purposes only. The illegal wildlife trade has many negative consequences for human well-being and biodiversity. As the 4th most lucrative unlawful trade worldwide after weapons, drugs, and human beings, it continues to drive biodiversity loss.

Habitat destruction can make it more likely for animal viruses to come into contact with people. Enforcement officers face an increasingly difficult challenge in effectively and swiftly detecting suspicious shipments while balancing the need for efficient customs processing. This project will raise funds to support Conservation International Singapore Conservation Trust's development and implementation of a cutting-edge technology solution to combat the illegal wildlife trade for stakeholders in Singapore.

Looking to give a little help

The project aims to enhance regulation enforcement and mitigate current critical challenges by providing digital vision identification to detect illegal wildlife hidden within legal shipments. Singapore needs to secure its borders against the illegal wildlife trade and help reduce the risk associated with the unlawful transport of endangered species.

This project supports Singapore's goal of being a global hub in the sustainability ecosystem, ensuring a vibrant and liveable home for future generations. Suddenly, their world seems upside down. Lots of 'why' running through the head, lots of challenges waiting ahead. They also provide support through integrative therapies, home and school visits, educational talks, identifying financial resources, facilitating communication with healthcare providers, and more.

In conjunction with the countdown to Raffles Institution's Bicentennial celebrations inRI is committed to planting 1, trees representing the year of their founding as part of the National Parks Board's OneMillionTrees movement.

Looking to give a little help

The Gelam tree is ificant to Raffles' founding of Singapore as it was observed to be growing at the Orang Laut village by the sea. SinceRI has been working to make the school more sustainable through a four-pronged approach: a green campus, instilling a green culture among students, and integrating sustainability in the school curriculum and community. This tree planting campaign represents RI's efforts to do better for sustainability and our environment.

RI hopes to start planting these trees insubject to prevailing Covid measures.

Looking to give a little help

All donations will go towards the planting of trees. RI is excited to do their part in greening Singapore and RI hopes that you can help them meet the target! Upon donating to this campaign, you are consenting for GCF to share your donation details with RI upon request. If you prefer to donate anonymously, please [ protected] with your donation details. This virtual run aims to galvanise 1, participants to complete 20km or 40km between 23 October and 7 November You are also encouraged to rally your social networks to support your efforts by donating to your fundraising campaigns!

This is also an opportunity for those who are celebrating their 40th birthday to mark the milestone by running for a meaningful cause. This year, President's Star Charity aims to empower vulnerable groups by building a digitally inclusive society and leaving no one behind.

Featuring a variety of local and international artistes, the show highlights inspirational stories of perseverance from across 93 benefitting agencies supported by the President's Challenge. Love Connects, your contributions will count towards making digital technologies accessible to all. Walking comes naturally to many of us, and is an ability often taken for granted. This is not the case for those who face physical disability challenges. They often need long-term therapy to get back on their feet and regain some independence.

As volunteers on SPD's Technology Advisory Panel, we have heard many stories of stroke and road accident survivors returning to work with the help of our therapists and much perseverance. There are also our elderly beneficiaries who could go home every day to be with their loved ones instead of living in nursing homes because of our day care and rehab programmes. Every story moves and motivates us to do more. So today, the five of us have embarked on this campaign to raise funds to enable more persons with disabilities, especially those from middle to low-income families, to access to affordable programmes and services.

The funds raised will go towards providing more than 1, therapy sessions for clients from low-income households.

Looking to give a little help

We pledge to cover km collectively regardless of the amount raised. The distance is daunting for us who hardly exercise! Motivate us with your contribution and help us reach our target. Thank you. Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions. You've disconnected your Facebook profile!

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Confirm volunteer ups. As you have ly confirmed other ups, the total openings for this position will be updated from to. You have an existing subscription. We're unable to support Charities donating to Charities. Switch to donate as an individual or other roles instead! You have Admin access for this. Do you want to switch to the admin role now? Give the Gift today! Every little bit counts.

Looking to give a little help

Please at [ protected] if you have any queries. All-in-one Giving We want to make giving simple, fun and meaningful for you. The possibilities are endless! Donate Explore over non-profits in Singapore and donate to the causes you're passionate about! Volunteer Find a volunteer activity that you're interested in, to use the skills you have, right here in Singapore. Fundraise Dream big, get creative and get involved. Fundraise for your chosen charity the way you want to! Want more giving stories in your inbox?

Trending Campaigns. The Nature Intelligence System: An innovative technology solution to fight illegal wildlife trade by Conservation International Singapore Conservation Trust The illegal wildlife trade has many negative consequences for human well-being and biodiversity. President's Star Charity by President's Challenge This year, President's Star Charity aims to empower vulnerable groups by building a digitally inclusive society and leaving no one behind.

Looking to give a little help

Five for Fifty! Let's support SPD! Explore These Causes. You can make a difference today! There's a lot more we can do, together.

Looking to give a little help

email: [email protected] - phone:(182) 382-3562 x 5797

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