Looking for openminded girl

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Hey everyone! I just got to riaydh a few days ago. I realized everything here is split into women only or families and men only. And so it hit me I can't survive living here without making some new girlfriends. But, I'm looking for the open minded internationals like myself or saudi's who've lived abroad because I get the feeling I won't get along with the girls starring at me like I killed someone when I take off my scarf at the mall.

I'm also looking for a fitness club companion and I hope I can find someone who's new too and is looking to a fitness club. I got access to the Diplomatic Quarter, so if you do too, please let me know!

Looking for openminded girl

I loved this place, but I don't feel like exploring it alone. Hoping to hear from all of you soon! Hey Aya, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and let's hope you find your "open minded" friends in near future. All the best. Welcome to riyadh. The land of Lol agreed.

I'm curious what exactly you'd fill in the blank though. Not really i was going to say "Squishy" comon now. I actually considered planning a breakfast outing at Starbucks there. DQ is far tho from mine.

Looking for openminded girl

Hi Aya, where are you from I have been here for 5 yrs I am from Australia btw. HI Open minded, Welcome to land of sun, sand a oil I am from USA and move here few months ago. I am a consultant for a Saudi Hospitality group.

If you are interested feel free to contact me and we will exchange s later. Thanks, Tony. Just a gentle reminder guys that the title of this topic thread is "Looking for open minded girls to hangout with in Riyadh. Hi Aya, Good to know that you are making the effort to get open minded girls to gether.

In case something get fixed around Kingdom tower, i would like to come. Hi Aya, I also just moved here recently, and the one thing I was thinking about is finding my group of girlfriends like back home. Your post was a few months ago but do let me know if you still want to chill. Hey B, That post was back when I knew no one here. I know exactly how you feel! But now I know a lot of people and riyadh has become so much better. I'm always up for meeting new friends tho, this is kind of how you survive here after all. So, leave me a message and we can chill sometime for sure. Didn't think you had to so anything to get access to the DQ.

Usually I just drive up and wave at the guy.

Looking for openminded girl

The guards do get a little annoyed if you use the green lane without a stripey iqama or plates, but it's worth a laugh. It's no wonder that our female members are complaining all the time, reporting so many abuses and that we've even found it necessary to implant security measures that are going to weed these individuals out.

Just a thought! Cheers, James Expat-blog Experts Team. I'm living on the the Arabian Homes compound in Al Mursalat. I'd LOVE to meet some like minded girlfriends too! I'm from London here with hubby- Get in touch let's meet and let our hair down!!!

Whichever is easier for most I think?? Would you like a get together at our compound in Al mursalat or meet in DQ or another place? We could do lunch coffee dinner movie night at our place or just sit by the pool with drinks I don't know whatever lets do it! me a time and place preferred if anyone's interested in getting together. Please use the PM system to exchange s. It is not safe to post any personal contact details on an open forum.

Yes, its correct! Have fun ladies. And I agree with Stumpy, please continue planning by pm. I'm actually out of Riyadh ladies at the moment Once I'm back I'm getting in touch with everyone again! So glad that we are building a fun community:. Settling in Saudi Arabia can create a culture shock among many expats due to the lack of proper information. It is Saudi Arabia was famously known for its conservative society and rules of modesty. Recently, major social changes Arabic is the official language of Saudi Arabia, but English is widely spoken.

It is used in business and is a Safari Resort, located about 70 km from Riyadh driving west on the Makkah Highway is a fabulous location for Welcome back You have already ed up with thisplease password to proceed. Looking for open minded girls to hangout with in Riyadh. Member since 28 September Member since 03 February Black label society. Member since 05 September Black label society wrote: Welcome to riyadh. Member since 23 April It's really nice.

Looking for openminded girl

Member since 18 January Member since 12 September Welcome to riyadh. Member since 14 November Member since 04 May Member since 16 September Member since 20 June Some of the members responding here sure don't look like girls. Member since 23 June Member since 14 October Good luck in that Member since 13 April Laos Expert. Member since 27 November Gold Coast. Member since 05 February I ed you dear. Member since 16 February I am also new, and looking for a female friend. Member since 14 December Here I am. Laila Ali. Member since 23 July Member since 22 January I'm up for that!!

I am so bored! Hi Siham 19 Let's get together. Lucy Heartfilia. Member since 05 March Count me in. Hi selma!! YesLets meet up! I'm in for everything!! Shall we exchange s? Siham19 wrote: Hi selma!! Jordan Expert. Member since 04 August Member since 11 March I'm in. New topic. Subscribe to this forum. Find more topics on the Riyadh forum. Table Tennis players in Riyadh. Telugu speaking boys and Girls in Riyadh???

Looking for openminded girl Looking for openminded girl

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